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Breaking Barriers: Empowering Women Through Education for Better Tomorrow

Empowering Women Through Education

Women empowerment is essential for achieving gender equality and creating a more inclusive society. Society has been suppressing women since ancient times with traditional gender roles; it is high time for women to step out of their narration. Education helps stimulate thinking, induces understanding, and instills knowledge and learning.

An educated woman is the predecessor of her ambition and dreams and her family, the next generation, society, and the world. Education gives women the proper knowledge, skills, and confidence to participate in society and make informed life decisions. Thus, for a progressive nation,  it is important for society empowering women through education

Transformative Potential of Empowering Women Through Education

Children are exposed to education from a very young age in their homes. But it is not equal for men and women when it comes to availing those opportunities. One of the prime challenges in empowering women through education is overcoming cultural attitudes and inclinations. 

There are several regions across the globe where women are viewed as inferior to men and discouraged from participating in leading roles due to deeply ingrained cultural and societal beliefs. There is a crucial need for education and knowledge to address these issues with a sustained and comprehensive approach to bringing change and empowering women to live better lives. 

Education significantly contributes to creating awareness about women's rights and gives them the confidence to raise their voices against the evils in the society and their surroundings. An educated woman upholds a cogent and progressive perspective, solid morals and principles, and the independence to achieve their goals. Without education, women shall forever remain within the house's four walls, doing their household work without having opinions or voices of their own. 

List of Obstacles in Empowering Women Through Education 

Even though we live in the 21st century, women still struggle to get a proper education. Here are some of the highlighted reasons which are considered significant obstacles in empowering women through education – 

Marriage – Every year, millions of girls are pushed towards child marriage due to constant family pressure or poor financial conditions. There is still this belief that men are the breadwinners of the family and women are the providers. The society still enforces these gendered roles. That's why women can't complete their studies and get caught up in the upbringing of kids and family.

Poor Financial Conditions – Many families still prioritize educating boys over girls. They don't consider investing in their daughter's studies and would instead spend it later on their wedding for the dowry. Thus, a lack of school investment prevents girls from getting an education and empowerment.

Discrimination – The girls are taught to cook food and do household chores since childhood while boys play and attend school. It is believed that girls will marry one day and settle in other families. Thus, they need to know how to cook and do other stuff. 

 Violence and Harassment Cases - In most of the rural areas, girl education is not taken seriously. They are just taught for the sake of teaching. There is not just one issue which hinders women's education; it is much more than that. Millions of violence and harassment cases have been registered regularly in schools by teachers or staff members. If they raise their voice against them, they are asked to sit back at home. On the other hand, if someone raises a voice against boys, the teachers are even fired from their jobs.

Because they are women – The thinking of parents, family and society is limited to the notion that there is no need for women to study as long as they want. Even if some girls get a proper education or are denied jobs or choose their freedom. Their degree is considered a price tag to be offered to their potential husbands. The future of women is still under deep potholes, and they are fighting to do more than just survive in society.

Benefits of Empowering Women Through Education

Education plays a huge role in influencing and transforming young minds and guiding them for a brighter future. It is essential to push society for empowering women through education for a better tomorrow. 

Raise Awareness -  Women who are educated help other women to understand and provide better opportunities to uplift them. They used their potential and spread awareness through women's self-help groups near me to extend their knowledge and help needy women across the globe.

Hold Strong Opinions – Education boosts confidence and knowledge in women. They learn to raise their voices against social injustices and other societal evil issues. This significantly contributes to upholding great thinking and strong opinions to transform the world. They know how to represent their opinions with respect and a clear voice.

 Economic Development – Women empowerment and equality in gender are directly related to economic development. When both genders are empowered economically, the nation experiences higher productivity and economic growth. This also shows how equal opportunities for both men and women can change the landscape of a country. From entrepreneur to leadership roles, there is nothing where women cannot show their true capability.

Ending Gender-Based ViolenceEmpowering women through education is important to end gender-based violence. It is one of the emerging issues that needs to be addressed correctly. By challenging cultural beliefs and harmful gender norms, we can promote gender equality and create a violence-free and non discriminated society.

Human Rights and Social JusticeEmpowering women through education is a matter of fundamental human rights and social justice. Women must have the same rights and opportunities as men to live a respectful life. Women should have equal opportunities if they want to make decisions about their lives or bodies, employment, education, etc. 

To wrap up

The Power of the Heels is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to advancing women's rights, opportunities and well-being. We believe that women and men, both genders, are essential parts of society. No one gender is complete without the other one. Thus, it is essential for us as society empowering women through education for a better future. We are inspiring, educating, mentoring and supporting women of all ages across the globe to break down the systematic barriers and live a life of freedom.

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