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I Remember Bracelet


The I REMEMBER AGAINST GENOCIDE bracelet® was inspired by Holocaust survivor, Stanley (Szlamek) Jackson Glogover, of blessed memory (1925 -2013).  However, it was created to honor all victims and survivors of genocide, past and present.

Genocide is a tragic part of our history and still happens today.  Such depravity will always be incomprehensible.  It’s what makes our commemoration of the victims and survivors of such atrocities important, as embodied in this piece of jewelry.

The bracelet is much more than a fashion accessory.  It evokes discussion and meaningful interaction.  It’s a symbol of remembrance and love, defiance and hope.  It is a rallying cry raised in shining metals for those whose voices have been, and are being, silenced by tyranny.

The bracelet’s unique design interprets the train tracks that led to the infamous rail-head at Birkenau where thousands of innocent prisoners, representing many faiths and many nationalities, were selected to live or perish.

The I REMEMBER AGAINST GENOCIDE bracelet® collection is produced in sterling silver, 18K yellow, rose and white gold, and platinum.  This gender-neutral bracelet is symbolic of a journey of memory and love.  The words “I REMEMBER” are inscribed on the inside, with space allowed to engrave the name of a loved one.

A percentage of your purchase will be donated to The Power of The Heels to help educate women and girls by raising awareness of the tyrannical history of genocide and ending hate toward any ethnic, racial, or religious group or gender inequality.  By raising consciousness only then can we prevent such crimes against humanity.

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