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Nina Torres Crypto Art

Nina Torres Crypo Art is giving back to The Power of the Heels by bringing a new level of fundraising to our projects as well as a disruptive way of giving. A percentage of the sales will be donated to help #TheLovingMe Project.


NFT is an authentic and unique digital piece of art, signed and issued by the creator and permanently recorded and verified through the blockchain.
Purchasing a unique digital creation means you're given full ownership over the creation, which is then transferred and stored in your digital wallet for


When you purchase an NFT from Nina Torres Crypto Art, you are not only donating to The Power of the Heels Scholarship Fund but you will automatically become one of the exclusive Nina Torres Crypto Art NFT Collectors and enjoy important and exclusive benefits:

  • Priority access and VIP Reception to our upcoming events in 2022, in Paris, Venice & Singapore.

  • Private Sales and Auctions

  • Raffles and VIP Drops

  • Virtual Exhibitions

  • Face-to-face exhibitions

  • Parties and Private Events

Do not miss this extraordinary opportunity to help a noble cause and at the same time Invest in Digital Art NFT, and enjoy it forever.

 If you want more information about what an NFT is, and how to acquire it, please contact us:

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Nina Torres Crypto Art will donate to The Power of the Heels Scholarship Fund 10% of all the sales generated through The Power of the Heels website.

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